13 June, 2018

Encounter with Alphonso Mangoes at Dubey Farm

It was a great opportunity for me for a digital detox from gadgets and devices when I accepted an invitation from one my close well-wisher to […]
7 June, 2018

Minara Maszid Prayers – By Poornima Mittal

The mesmerizing sweet sound of Azan during Ramadaan makes me emotional as I just cant stop thinking as to how beautifully our cultures have merged in […]
14 August, 2017

Wandering in Ladhakh – Vivek Mehra

Ladakh In my opinion there are in general four kinds of tourists. First ones are who are happy visiting cities, be it historic or full of […]
22 June, 2017

Iftari walk at Meenara Mazid, Mumbai -Poornima Mittal

Being a part of festivities and fervor always lightens up my spirits and the reason for it’s ascend is the gastronomical delights that are in offer […]