Thai Cuisine

Som Tam

Thai Cuisine

Thai does use lots of the same ingredients as the Chinese, particularly oyster sauce (which is NOT the same as soy sauce) Thai, cuisines also rely heavily on lemon (grass, slices, or flavour), hot chilli sauce and oyster sauce, and sweet basil leaves. 

 The Thai food, the good stuff, is often sweet (and yes, you can get very spicy, too).Thailand, love their food to be hot, sour and salty ( the taste can be extreme)…. fish sauce is used more often than Soya ..really Thai food always cook their food with a little chili …and that is why you always find 4 type of seasoning on any Thai serving table( sugar, fish sauce, dry chili powder, chili vinegar)

Thai green papaya salad, known as som tam in Thai, is one of the most commonly available and consumed dishes in Thailand.

Som tam  originates in the northeastern part of the country (Isaan), but nowadays you’ll find it everywhere from Chiang Rai to Krabi.

Throughout cities in Thailand, green papaya salad is one of the staples of street food cooking and dining. It’s fresh, easy to prepare, and just tastes wonderful.