Szechuan sauce for a follower by Nikhil from Mumbaiiii

Szechuan sauce for a follower by Nikhil from Mumbaiiii

szchuwanIt’s  gives immense pleasure to my whole family to write this post as we are doing this activity for some one we  don’t know personally   Its really a different vibe.  This is an easy Szchwan sauce recipe . It has a lot of flavor when you add the hot oil to the chili paste the aroma just fills the room.  The whole room starts breathing .

Ingredients.   400 ml of. Red chilli paste.  You may. 2 bottles of. Chings red chili paste 200 ml each bottle

200 gm garlic
200 gm ginger
100 gm. Green chili200 gm red chiliies
300 to 400 ml oil. It may be olive/vegetable or any other oil
2 tea spoon sugar
3 table spoon tomato sauce
4 to 5 celery leaves
Salt as per taste

chop or grind garlic/ginger/green chiliies / red chilliies / and 4 to 5 celery leaves
Heat oil till it start smoking

Add the chopped paste to the heated oil. Cook the paste in the oil till oil is separated from paste. Please ensure that the quantity of oil should always remain more than the all the conditions the paste should always remain dipped in the oil

When the paste is cooked perfectly the. Add 400 ml of chilies sauce to the paste and stir it well so that it is mixed well in the paste .

Once it is done add two tea spoon of sugar and salt as per taste.In between keep tasting the sauce to cross check weather it is going as per your taste or not.

Add two table spoon of tomato sauce

Cook well in the oil till its gets the desired consistency as per your taste and liking .you may like to add red color( food grade)  if you want it to make it blood red Color. However I don’t recommended

Once it’s done and get the right look (here you will have to apply your mind)

It’s ready to use, now. Let me tell you it’s a great experience to see the wow feeling of others.

  • Bindi

    Wow.. It is so simple to make.. And the best part is we know what ingredients we are using and are easily available.. Would definitely try this at home..

  • Thanks a lot

  • okk..thnx a lot… recipe seemed pretty easy… i think.. i wud be able to cook it… 🙂

    with the quantity of the ingredients that you have mentioned here… lagta hai… bahut saara sauce ban jaayega. Can I also store it for further use?? or do i have to finish it off in a stipulated period??

    *100 gm. Green chili200 gm red chiliies … here… u meant the dry red chillies which have to be soaked in luke warm water and grind into paste??? and when we are already using the red chilly sauce… that too 2 bottles… then do we really need to add the red chillies or wud just the green chillies suffice???

  • yes its very simple…yes you may reduce the quantity in the same ratio.. or if you cook the same way it can be preserved.. No Issues…200 gm red chilies are to be taken for the purpose of colour…avoid hot variety of red chilies… You will never read my blog again… ha ha …. you may soak them in luke warm water.. so that it can be nicely converted into a good paste…Red chilies sauce doesn’t make it too you may use both the bottles …. I once again say.. go as per average taste of your family… so that every one enjoys…but ensure it remained dipped in oil..