Spring Rolls Posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbaiiiii

Spring Rolls Posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbaiiiii

Hello friends,
Today I will share with you a recipe of Home made Spring Rolls. I m sure you have eaten in restaurants & enjoyed a lot. It is very simple, easy & quick to make & more important u can make & store it in the fridge for few days.

Ingredients for Home Made Spring Rolls.
Maida, Salt, 8 – 10 drops of lemon juice, Water.
Oil for frying.
For stuffing you need..
Capsicum, Spring onions, Carrot, Cabbage, Packet of Maggie Noodles.
1 teaspoon of Soya sauce, 1 tablespoon of green chilli sauce, 1 tablespoon of  Tomato ketchup. You can mix all theses sauces & keep in 1 bowl.

Procedure to make Spring Rolls..
First take Maida ( according to the quantity (number) of spring rolls you want) add lemon juice, salt according to your taste & knead into little hard dough. Keep it aside.
Next cut all the above vegetables into fine long thin slices ( like Chinese style)..
Take Maggie Noodles & cook it. One thing to remember don’t make Noddles very watery it should be little on dry side.

Take a frying pan keep it on gas, put 1 tablespoon of oil, put all these finely cut vegetables, sauté them for 3/4 mins, then add little salt, cooked Maggie Noodles & sauté again for few mins. In the end put premixed sauces & sauté for another 2 mins & then close the gas. If u feel u need to add more salt or sauces according to your taste u can add.

Make small rounds of Maida dough & roll them into round shape like small chapatis. Take 1 maida round put in the middle little noodles & vegetable stuffing, apply little water with your finger on the edges of the maida round. Then first close from the top side, then on the left & then right & finally the bottom so the whole stuffing is sealed properly & make sure it doesn’t come out. The shape of spring roll will be long.
Take a pan put oil for frying, let the oil become good hot then put this spring roll & fry at medium flame so that the internal side of maida should also be cooked properly. When the spring roll become little golden colour remove it. Cut into pieces.. it is ready to serve.
You can serve it with Schezwan chutney, or freshly made Green coriander chutney or Tomato ketchup as per your choice.

For different stuffing u can also add boiled chicken pieces.. depends upon your choice.Spring Rolls

  • give me the recipe for Schezwan chutney as well….

    won’t the stuffed roll…burst open on deep frying, inspite of sticking it with water??

    secondly… the spring rolls that I have eaten so far.. are more long…its almost like stuffing has been filled in one chapati and not two?? The ones in your picture look more like spring pakodas 😀

    • “pakodaaaaaaa”. Lol. Any way I am responding to your query today. By today evening I will post SChezwan chutney recepie. May be something interesting more recepies which you can try out

  • 🙂 looking forward to it…

    • actually i have the recipe but i need to make it and click the picture and send it to you

    • will u prefer the video or a picture will do ? i am sure you will be able to make it out

    • I would be happy if you could give your suggestion as to how can i make this site more usefull

  • Bindi

    Just a suggestion by any chance if the spring roll is opening then try to roll a big round of maida ball ( like big size chapati ) & put little stuffing. Spring roll size will be long..
    No it will not open on frying.. Seal it properly with water..
    Yes these spring rolls are small in size so they look like pakoras. I have cut them into 2 pieces.

  • I think… we need a few more like minded people out here… and you can come out by categorising your dishes… like… Low cal…. high prot. diet
    soups/salads/sweets… indian/chinese/mughlai, healthy/junk food… the time-pass category for kids…

  • kirti

    @ suman you can steam these instead of deep frying you will have yummy seamed wantons only thing is you will have to roll out small disks of the maida dough and bind them from top like a money pouch and them steam them

    • thanks for the comments.. keep sharing your views on this site. We would also request you to contribute by sending some good pictures and your fav. recipes