Sindhi Mutton Posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbai

Sindhi Mutton Posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbai

Hello friends,
Today I m going to share some Mutton recipe with you..
Sindhi Tiwarn ( Sindhi Mutton)
For 1 kg mutton take 7 medium size onions, cut them in small square pieces. 6 medium size tomatoes purée, 2 table spoons curd, sabhoot garam masalas, salt, 1 teaspoon red chillie powder, little haldi, 1 1/2 teaspoon dhaniya powder (coriander powder), Meat masala 1 tablespoon.
Take a pressure cooker put oil in it & then put finely chopped onions in it, stir them till they become pinkish brown, then add mutton pieces in it & again stir them for 5 mins. Then add all sabhoot garam masalas ( 1 big elachi, 3 pieces of clove, 1 big tej Patta, a sm2013-05-10 13.30.46 (3)all piece of cinnamon stick), stir them with mutton. Then put curd & stir for few mins till curd gets mixed with mutton,  then add tomatoes purée in the cooker & again stir all these ingredients till u start seeing oil coming up. Then put all the spices dat is red chilli powder, haldi, dhaniya powder, meat masala, salt according to the taste. Again stir for few more mins till all these spices r mixed with mutton & other ingredients.. Keep stirring till u feel dat the colour of mutton has become reddish brown & all the ingredients have mixed properly.. Then add 1 & half glass of water in the mutton for gravy, depends upon how much gravy needed individually & cook it for 20 mins & then keep cooker on sim gas.
After opening cooker check if the mutton is cooked properly.
Garnish it with fresh coriander while serving. You can eat with rice or roti..

  • Great Job Bindi… The Red Colour curry is really looking great

  • Looked so yummy… and the recipe so simple… for a moment… I thought of giving up my vegetarianism… :))

    but i can make it for a few of my non veggie close relatives… want to know.. whether you are indicating it to be pressure cooked or cooked in the pressure cooker without its lid… i mean.. just keep it covered…

    Would love to have some great vegetarian dishes… if you can share them..


    • thanks for the comment

    • Bindi Sachdev

      Thanks for the comment.. You have to pressure cook the mutton with the lid.

  • Yes we will keep posting Veg Recipes also. You may tell us what all you would like to know

  • we basically prefer healthy food… with very less oil… less spices.. its a different thing, that my daughters hate my cooking, they want all masaaledaar… with plenty of gravy, so am actually looking out for a combination of bothm wherein , I can keep my daughters pleased and both me and my husband don’t pile on weight.

    • lol its common issue .. but will keep in mind. As I develop new recipes. so will send you some more .. may be on soups /salads and then good combination of continental as well Indian stuff

  • you may follow me on @gbhupinderkumar on twitter…a lot of conversation about good food is always on

  • okk…. don;t have a twitter account so far… so will make and wud surely follow you… 🙂

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