Rajma – Parul Shah

Rajma – Parul Shah

Rajma- A North Indian Popular Dish


Rajma is a delicacy of North India..It’s also called kidney beans..So many benefits of it..Mostly all ppl loving it… it’s eaten wid paratha rice roti kulcha too..
So today I made delicious tempting Rajma..wid rice..🍝🍚


250g rajma
6 tomatoes puree
2 onion
Khada masala(bayleaf cardmom cinnamon red chillies)
Seasoning(salt mirch haldi )
Oil 3/4 TBS
Kasoori methi 1 TS
Garammasala 1/2 ts
Green chilli 2
Ginger garlic paste 2 ts
All seasoning as per taste
2 bayleaf
Jeera 2 ts
Black cardmom 2/3
Cinnamon 1
Red chillies 2


Soaked rajma over night or 5/6 hours thn cook it in cooker wid salt.
& Enough water.Do 5/6 whistle.

Now take one pan add oil now add bay leaf add cardamom & red chilies thn add chopped onion now let it lit translucent add ginger garlic paste now saute thn add tomatoes puree thn stir it well cook it properly now add all seasoning salt mirch haldi garam masala now cook it thn add rajma’s remaining water thn cook it & cover the lid.now cook it thn smash some rajma to thicken the gravy. Whn it’s thicken thn add kasoori methi..Stir it well & off the flame.. Delicious rajma is ready to serve friends 🥘

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    Its…. wonderful./….

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    Keep it up

  • Shobha Bherwani

    Wow very nice .. yummy dish

    • Bhupinder Kumar

      Yes Shobha ji… I fully agree with you…Parul Shah is a very talented person…