The Power of Prayer – By Rev. Sandeep Manocha ji

The Power of Prayer – By Rev. Sandeep Manocha ji

What is Prayer

Prayer is the purity of heart, peace of the soul and foundation of the life. Prayer is the medium to get energy from the Super Natural Power i.e. God. Prayer is the support for the helpless and a practice to get connected to the mool(root). Prayer is the process of connecting the limited one with the limitless. When our planning or pre-planning gets failed and our intelligence accept its defeat then we start calling this super natural power i.e. Nirankar.

But accepting the prayer depends on the mercy of the Nirankar. Prayer is done by a normal person and by enlightened one as well.  But the difference is that normal person (who has not known the God) prays at the time of difficulties, problems and by considering it as last option. Such person prays to God who is an unknown energy for him as he has not realized and seen the God. Whereas a true disciple prays each and every moment of his life irrespective of any circumstances. When someone prays to God by complete surrender then he feels some unique energy inside him which provides strength and one becomes strong even in the adverse circumstances. Here it very significant to highlight that acceptance of our prayers depends upon the mercy of Niranakar.


Prayer – A Faith

A disciple’s faith is his only strength. This faith helps him to understand that whatever is being prayed by him will surely be fulfilled ,if it would be in his favour. If the prayer is not accepted by the Nirankar it would also be in his favour. A disciple always says to Nirankar that accept my prayer only if it is good for me and others. Having faith in the prayer makes one free from mental stress because one easily accepts that Satguru and Nirankar is the doer and is fully capable of doing or accepting my prayer.

It is also required to have faith on whom we pray. When we realize and see this God while praying then only this faith arises that’s why saints always pray to Satguru by realizing him nearby and with us.  Many times, we put our prayer in front of one saint and again repeat the same in other saints it means that we don’t have faith in our prayers or we don’t have faith to God to whom we are praying, but saints only pray once and never repeat the same.

Sense of surrendering the cleverness in the holy feet of the God is the beginning of Prayer. Prayer is not the matter of mind, neither it is any pre-planned strategy, in fact it is the purity of heart. There is no need of any medium while praying as Prayer is the direct connection between Deity and disciple.

Those who are not aware of the physical form of Nirankar i.e. Satguru, they only pray to the various statues created by human being and think that they are praying to God. For prayer, they need to visit some particular places where God is present according to them. These prayers are heard by Nirankar only, but since they can’t see and realize God so the satisfaction does not remain for longer time.


  • Ashwin Vishwakarma

    Such a nice explanation about POP (Power of Prayer & Purity of Prayer).
    thanks, Sandeep Ji for sharing this Wonderful article.