Parul Shah- Veg Kababs

Parul Shah- Veg Kababs

Veges contains full of nutrients & a days kids don’t prefer to eat veges…bt if u give wid dis type of in tasty form they would love to eat here presented a veg kabab wid cheese stuffing…….!!😍


Potatoes 2 big
Cauliflower 100 g
Blanch spinach 2/3 leaves
Cabbage 1tbs
1 chilli
1 carrot
50 g French beans
2 ts beetroot(shredded)
Coriander leaves
U can add veges as per ur choice & quantity frndzz
salt Mirch powder as per ur taste
Aamchoor powder 1/2 ts
1 TBS cornflour
1 TBS cornflour or srmolina for covering kabab
2 cube cheese


Take veges cook it on micro mode in microwave for 7/8 mini or on gas wid the help of cooker.. (after peeling & chopping) except cabbage cartot & beetroot..dis all veges grated now all veges strain in stainer & smash it now add grated veges thn add chopped chilli Mirch powder & salt & all seasoning now add corn flour thn mix it well now fold kabab stuffed wid cheese thn cover its edges. Wrap wid semolina or cornflour thn tk one nonstick shellow frypan thn add lit oil now place kabab & do it brown – crispy..when it occurred thn keep it on plate wid spicy dip or catch up…
Tempting kabab is ready to eat..

Thank you🌿