Paneer Firni- Parul Shah Ahmedabad

Paneer Firni- Parul Shah Ahmedabad

Today I made firni but dis time I did twist & made panner firni which is also healthy version.💚

Paneer contains more calcium protine & many benefits too.😍

It is a Pakistani & Indian sweet mostly eat in Punjab but now a days its very popular dessert & eat in all over India.

Paneer firni🍯

Paneer 50g
Milk 500g
Soaked rice for 1/2 hour 2tbs
Sugar 5tbs
Cardamom 1/2 ts
Pistachio 7/8
Almond 7/8
Saffron 1/4 ts


Take milk boil it on add coarsely crushed rice.then stir it well now add sugar mix add diluted saffron( in 2 ts milk) thn add grated paneer mix it add dry fruits(blanched) let it be thicken when it thicken properly off the let it cool at room freeze it for 1 hour.
So delicious healthy paneer firni is ready to eat.💖

Thank you🌹