Minara Maszid Prayers – By Poornima Mittal

Minara Maszid Prayers – By Poornima Mittal

The mesmerizing sweet sound of Azan during Ramadaan makes me emotional as I just cant stop thinking as to how beautifully our cultures have merged in our country !

I always look forth to visiting one such melting pot –  “Minara Masjid lane” for my Iftaari walk during that period. Simply by being a part of the  festivities and fervor elevates  my spirits. The mood at Minara Masjid aka Mohammad Ali Road  transcends religion and creed.

During the Ramdaan of 2018 I stepped out with a friend to enjoy the gastronomical delights of Mohd. Ali Road but we reached a bit too early. We were  fortunate to hear the Prayers at Minara Masjid just before the ‘Roza’ was being ended for that Jumma day , Friday the 1st June. It was amazing to see that the hustle bustle of the street come to a standstill. Everyone just stopped where they were and heard the Azan in Awe !

The eateries and the restaurants requested us to wait till 7:15 pm because they wanted to first serve the people who were observing ‘Roza’. It was an absolute delight to see that all others(non-fasters),  willingly agreed to  this request.

We witnessed ladies , Gents and  kids having the fruits and then the food to break the Fast. It was a touching moment to see how they all got together and shared the food from a common dish/plate. One word which could describe the atmosphere was ‘Harmony’.

We bumped into two more friends of ours who shared the same excitement and made the experience all the more wonderful & memorable. We then moved on and after a while treated ourselves to Hyderabadi Haleem with freshly baked hot Paos, Chicken Masala with Rumali Roti, Nalli Nihari with Rumali Roti accompanied with chilled  Thumps up and Sprite to give a respite to the sultry weather which had rendered all of us totally wet.

The Iftaari walk culminated with gobbling the Rabdi which was served in Desi Kullhad .

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    I really appreciate your feelings and emotions. I wish that all of us should be able to respect and love each other’s faith. May God bless all of us to see unity and oneness in each and everything around us.