Wonderful Beet Root Magical Juice- By Sanjana Desai.

Sanjana Desai

Wonderful Beet Root Magical Juice- By Sanjana Desai.

Kick start ur day with a healthy booster
Beetroot-1 nos
Apple -1nos
Awala-1nos( pitted)

Method:-wash and cut all into halves so as it’s easy to juice them. Juice all in a multi juicer .add a pinch of fruit salt and u have glass full of energy and health.
Have it in the morning
It’s full of vitamin C and anti carcinogenic (cancer) properties.Improves skin and hair health too.
This is one juice that gives u a good metabolic rate,energy and prevents many health related problems
This is helpful for people who smoke or drink. Ayurveda recommends Apple to cut down on any intoxicating habits.

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    This is something very useful… I am going to start this from tomorrow on wards …..keep posting

    • Sanjana Paul

      Thanks for the encouragement. Do try. It’s a tried and tested concoction

  • Harmohan Kapany

    Healthy drink. Good one

    • Sanjana Paul

      Ya does help

  • Subhash Kapoor

    Excellent healthy tasty and nourishing drink.
    I made two big glasses and finished both in few minutes.
    Thanks Ms Sanjana, for sharing your secrets with us

    • Sanjana Paul

      Am glad . U welcome anytime