Mani at Mautanga

332331It was a Wet Wonderful evening in Mumbai. Raining since last three days. Roads chocked as usual. Rains like every year teasing BMC officials . But the die hard spirit of Mumbai men is Much superior to the wrath of rain. The city moves on. The show continues. In such a weather We were struggling what to eat….

We finally could decide to grab south Indian stuff in Mumbai which is authentic. Untouched by Gujrathi sweetness in Sambhar and every thing they do.

We decked up to take the rain head on and proceeded to Matunga in central Mumbai. This locality is mainly dominated by the South Indian Community. Hence I was expecting something really original south Indian spicy flavor. Personally I don’t like to fiddle with the age old recipes and spoil it in the name of food fusion or innovation. I believe if any reciepie could become popular , it must be having all the ingredient of becoming the most acceptable dish. Hence no fiddling with that and respect and accept it in its original form.

Finally we reached Mauntga with little difficulty on the way. As we entered the restaurant we were greeted by Strong aroma of Sambhar spices . All our five senses got activated.

It was a quite old restaurant with conventional seating arrangement. No floor manager to greet and ask you where we would like to sit. But over all ambiance was compelling g that if you want to enjoy your meal, this is the place

Before we ordered a full meal we ordered Mendu Vada. Of course it appeared re fried but tasted fresh and nice with sambar and coconut chutney. I just could have a little bite as my son simply told me not to touch his plate Waiter said ” if we are going to have All the snacks the how could we have the full meal .

Later We ordered full meal and it was promptly served on a Banana leaf. three vegetables, @ brinjal @ gourd with Chana dal @ beans with grated coconut. The master stroke was Sambar In Mumbai we were fed with Sambar with a Gujrati sweet coating.

The over all food was simple which retained all the taste of its region to which it belonged. ALl the spices played their role well. The “RASAM” hot water with a tamarind mixed in it was a great appetizer. RASAM is the best appetizer I have ever come across in Asain Meal . Over all a great joint , but if you are expecting high class ambiance or high degree of hygiene, I am sure you would be disappointed….And if u can ignore it you are going to be blessed in the MESS.