Mango Pickel- Parul Shah

Mango Pickel- Parul Shah

Hi frndzz widout pickle platter isn’t completed.. So today I made tempting pickle mathambo..which is famous in Gujarat..with handvo paratha roti kichdi Dhokla & wid many Gujarati delicacies we can enjoy it…🍯

11/2 kg raw rajapuri mango
1 1/4 kg sugar
2 TBS methi kuriya
3 TBS red mirch
1ts hing
Salt as per taste


TK one pan add sugar add lit water by which sugar sink it now on the gas flame on slow volume stir it when it get boil over add raw mango (widout peel) square chopped pieces now stir it when it changes colour of d mango thn off the flame now now starain it in one container.thn tk one pan add water & sugar thn. On d flame whn it boil now add mango pieces thn cook it properly whn mango colour changed then off d do tempring tk 1 plate spread all things in circle now tk tempring pan add sarsav oil 1 tbs now do heat as smoky level..whn it cool @ room temprature add it in seasoning (methi curiya mirch powder hing &salt)now mix it well..thn add dis seasoning in raw mango when it cool store it
In dry glass jar..tempting methambo pickle is ready to serve..🍝

Thank you