Mango Firni- Parul Shah

Mango Firni- Parul Shah

Hi frndzzz…
Today I made mango’s north Indian dessert🍥

After dinner ppl would like to eat…it taste so delicious & yummm.. very easy & quick rcp..!!🍜


Mango 2🍋🍋
Milk 4 cup
Sugar 1)2 cup
Saffron for garnishing
Pistachio for garnishing


Take one pan boil milk when It boil over add Gradually soaked (1/2 hour)coarse grind rice. now stir it well on medium flam then let it be thicken when it occurred add sugar stir it well now off the flame then add aam puree.stir it properly then let it be cool at room fridge it for 2 hours then garnishing wid blanch pista & saffron ..add sugar as per mango sweetness frndzzz.. delicious firni is ready to serve..😍

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  • Bhupinder Kumar

    This is the superb drink for the summers…

  • Nidhi Shukla

    Lovely di

    • Bhupinder Kumar

      yes this is too good…. and healthy too

  • Aryan Joshi

    Awesome…I love it … yummy recipes …parul Ji great

  • Mamatha Gajjala


    • Bhupinder Kumar

      undoubtedly its yummy