The Light- by Amber Talwar

The Light- by Amber Talwar

Nothing has shone
Ever since you have gone
I sit and moan
My heart is torn

Thank heavens ,today you’ll be back
To keep me happy ,you know the Knack
Your squeals n laughter the house did lack
Of naughtiness n fun you’re such a pack

All without you seems so dim
Your absence has turned me grim
With you I fool around, theres no need for a gym
For my network you are the SIM

I’m now waiting to hug you and kiss
For long I’ve been waiting for this
This time you all I really did miss
Hope now on, there will be ,no separation I wish.

Amber Talwar

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    This is very well woven and beautifully expressed poem….its strength come from its clarity and simplicity of thought

  • Sanjana Paul

    Lovely in its simplicity.