LAUKI ka Paratha. Posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbaiiiii

LAUKI ka Paratha. Posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbaiiiii

Hello friends,
Today I m going to share a recipe of Paratha that is “LAUKI KA PARATHA” ( Bottle Gourd )… Usually we make Varieties of Paratha.. Like Aloo (Potato), Cauliflower, Raddish ( Mooli )..
I know most of kids don’t like to eat LAUKI, they find the taste little weird.. So the Mothers can make in this form.. It is very tasty and healthy.. And simple to make.

Ingredients for LAUKI ka Paratha.
Piece of LAUKI around 5 inches.
Atta (Wheat flour) for about 4 Parathas.
Red chilli Powder,
Pinch of Turmeric Powder (Haldi),
Roasted Jeera powder,
1 Green chilli finely cut, ( you can add more also),
Coriander leaves washed & chopped
Ghee or oil.

First take atta (wheat flour) put little salt & pinch of turmeric powder in it and knead it into medium soft dough. Keep it aside.
Wash the LAUKI properly, peel the skin & grate it, put salt accordingly ( because u have already put salt in the dough.. It should not become more salty after cooking Parathas.).. Then put chopped green chilli, jeera powder, red chilli powder, coriander leaves & mix properly.

Keep the tawa on the gas for heating..
Take a little dough, from that make two small rounds & then roll into 2 small rounds like chapatis around 3 inches in size.. Take 1 small dough round apply ghee or oil.. Put little stuffing of grated lauki, squeeze the water from it first & then put it on the top of round dough then take another round plain dough & place it on the top of the first stuffed round.. Then close the sides so that the stuffing doesnot come out & dip in dry atta & then star rolling the Paratha softly. If it is sticking just again sprinkle dry atta & roll. Let it be little thick. Then immediately put on the heated tawa.. Cook it by applying ghee or oil on both the side till Paratha is golden crispy & ready. Cook it on medium gas so it will cook till inside.

1 more thing to remember till your 1st Paratha is not cooked don’t roll another Paratha otherwise the dough will become sticky & watery.

Once your LAUKI ka Paratha is ready serve it will curd or papad or with both.


  • SM

    yummmy… I also make it… but not in the stuffed style that you have mentioned here… I do that for mooli ka paratha… i make it more like theplas… adding grated lauki to the flour before kneading it into a dough… this goes damn well with green corriander-mint chutney along with a hot cup of tea or milk. 🙂

    • after a long time … a comment from you

      • Was that for me or Reshma?? 🙂

    • when can we read any interesting post from your side

      • Bhupinder ji, Was just wonderin…whom youw were putting the question to?

        If its for me.. then I am an average cook… nothing compared to the talents that you and Bindi possess… but definitely ,, some day, I will post some traditional Bihari dishes :D.

  • Reshma

    Sure I will try…..this…looking awsum…..thanx for making……these dishes in differentvariety

  • Bindi

    Thanks for Comments Suman & Reshma

  • This question is for bindi regarding her lauki ka paratha :

    Bindi, unless you squeeze out the excess water from the grated lauki… won’t the paratha become soggy when you fill it in and roll out the paratha a bit??

  • Bindi

    Yes you have to squeeze the excess water otherwise the Parathas will become soggy. I have already mentioned..