Kali Mirch chicken and Fresh Palak @shere Punjab Mumbai

Kali Mirch chicken and Fresh Palak @shere Punjab Mumbai

Those who think  Punjabi 3 course meal is @butter chicken @butter Nan @Butter milk are not on the right lines . I along with my friend happen to visit one of the oldest restaurant of Mumbai in Ballard Estate area. Balraj who is an old hand in food and a real connoisseur,  strongly recommended me to Sher -e- Punjab .  He is a regular at the restaurant and knew almost all the waiters , manager MR..Jagdish and the owner.He ordered chicken black pepper and Palak ki sabzee. Two dishes were enough for both of us to douse the fire in the belly

Chicken Kali Mirch was really great stuff. The ratio of gravy and chicken pieces was perfect . The consistency, color of the gravy was superbly calibrated. Though it messed up our plates but we enjoyed the self immersion in the taste of the dish.The beauty was that chicken pieces and gravy were cooked well and chicken pieces had absorbed all the spices very well.Another important parameter is the bite size. The chicken pieces bite size was perfect for the palate .

Palak was just fresh and green.  No extra oil ,no extra spices. The consistency of the paste was just perfect to be eaten with Tandoori roti.  It was a great dish for any vegetarian who likes simple stuff without adding any cream etc. However I have some of the other observation which needs to be looked into. Though I  firmly believe in food “Acceptability” is the only criteria for any dish to be the best dish .

Observation no-01  – The KALI MIRCH chicken generally have a white gravy and black pepper is added to give it taste as well as some color combination. The color of the dish ( Kali Mirch chicken) which was served to us was looking like butter chicken. It appeared to me as if Black Pepper was added to butter chicken. But i appreciate the dish. It really came out very well.

Observation no-02 –I  think littlSHER E PUNJABe bit of more intelligence by the cook could have done a wonderful job had he added burnt garlic crumbs to Palak sabzee as topping. It could have added a different flavor altogether  to dish and lifted the taste many times. 

Will certainly recommend the place for having family dinner. Would like to meet the chef and visit the kitchen

Bhupinder Kumar

  • Bindi

    These dishes look really tasty & yummy.. The most important is the colour of Palak which is fresh green. As for Chicken Kali Mirch it reminds more of butter chicken with few Kali Mirch sprinkled on top. I have usually eaten dry chicken Kali Miri Kabab which has strong flavour of Kali Mirch & they are little creamy, & tender. I would like to suggest u a dish that is Chicken Nizami kabab Ya Chicken Afghani Kabab.. If you have tasted I m sure you must have liked otherwise. try it..

  • shelly

    It was indeed very informative..Could feel the taste in my mouth,right here in ahmedabad.. Kuddos to U..

    • Thanks a lot for the comments. Do guide us and tell us how can we. Ale this site more usefull for our readers