Husband Day

Amber Talwar - Husband Day.

Husband Day

Husband Day

Amber Talwar

Today the 27th June is husbands day
Come to think of it , do they have a say
Their choices just way lay
Still they act joyful n gay

Wives may create a storm they maintain a calm
They still remain poised and extend their arms
To family unity, they want no harm
For small little things wives raise an alarm

So wives must learn to compromise
See no argument should arise
That’s my advice
wives must listen to them they are more wise

Remain happily together
Although they are birds of different feather
Remain so through thick or thin or whatever be the weather
That’s how peace in life you can gather.

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    Amber…. this is really very positive of you ,, its much more beyond a relationship…between the two individuals .. to me its about the divine plan… of engaging men n women into more creative relationship and its a way forward…. very nicely suggested by you…

  • Sanjana Paul

    Super! U made the husbands quite happy. Three cheers😀

  • Harmohan Kapany

    You described an angel. Wonder how many of those are out there anymore. But wherever they are. Salute to them.

    • Bhupinder Kumar

      Harmohan….there are saints and scoundrels …both in society… Had those( saints,angles) not been here .. our social fabric would have fallen apart by now…..( Sant na Hote Jagat main toh jal marta Sansar.)…