How Chop Stick came into picture?

How Chop Stick came into picture?

chop stickWars and Army has played  a major role in the various eating habits, style of cooking, recipes movement across the world. Chopstick were introduced by Mongolian warriors. When the soldiers after fighting the battle used to rest or hide in jungles, they used to cook food for them selves. They used to use their shields as HOT PLATE and Arrows to stir  various vegetables and other eatables which were available in jungle. Later on these arrows became smaller and smaller and Mongolian people started using  wooden sticks to eat food with the help of small wooden sticks which were nothing but smaller version of arrows only. Today eating with Chopstick is very common across the world and mainly associated with Chinese food. Do you know there are table manners attached with Chopsticks? will share in the Next BLOG.. what are Chopsticks manners?.

  • Bindi Sachdev

    It is really interesting to know that smaller version of Arrows were used as Chopsticks to eat food..

    • thanks for the comment. would be glad to know what you would like to know more about

  • Bawa

    Tell us something more about veg recepies