Ganesh Chaturthi- Individual Journey- Bhupinder Kumar

Ganesh Chaturthi- Individual Journey- Bhupinder Kumar

Ganesh Chaturthi, falls on the 4th day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada (August – September). People buy Ganesh images to keep in their houses as a divine guest for five to ten days. The image is then taken out ceremoniously and immerse in the river, sea or well, thereby meaning all that immerges from zero, gets immersed in zero.  It is called Visarjan.

Huge Ganesh idols are worshipped at nicely decorated pandals, also known as Dekhavas for 8 to 10 days. These Dekhavas are organized by the Mandals, worked collectively for the entire locality. Various Mandals shouting the slogans of Ganpati Bapa Morya take out huge processions during the first day and the day of immersion of the idols throughout the city. People from the city and nearby towns, districts throng to witness the Ganesh festival celebrations. Huge money in terms of crores is spent on decorations of the pandals. The festivals generates not only energy into the members of society but also activates economic activity and helps the economy to grow.


If we look at philosophically this Festival reminds us to connect to our higher self and have control or manage our lower self, thereby meaning having control over our animalistic feelings and  temperament, which leads to the  down gradation of human values and ultimately leading to down gradation of the human society. It is significant to observe , the way today this festival is being celebrated by us. Our ways of celebration have raised very important questions regarding environment, water pollution, noise pollution, traffic chaos, food adulteration, entry of corporate into various types of promotion which only fuels  our ego and competition amongst various groups.. To my mind these questions have overshadowed the real spirit of the festivals. The true essence of the festivals has taken a back seat.


We need to sit back and introspect where these tendencies are leading us to. Are we drifting away from our value system ,and instead of reconnecting to  the guiding force of our action, are we  sinking into lower self? To me it is purely an individual journey of introspection and connects to the values symbolized by Ganesha. If I find a gap in the higher self and where I stand , I must draw an action plan and take resolution to work on my own personality and move ahead to higher self. Move towards Universal Brotherhood thru love ,compassion , and practice divine virtues which are must needed as life skills in today’s context to make the earth most beautiful place to live


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  • Mahaveer Prajapati

    Well written article Bhupinder.. Indeed we need to realize how we celebrate this Festival..

  • Rachna

    Very well written and explained the way this festival is celebrated.

  • Sanjana Desai

    The 8-10 day celebration is symbolic to life in full circle. The start is the end too. Yes the festivities off late have become more pomp and show. The significance and meaning is lost somewhere in between. Agree!

  • Sandeep Manocha

    Wonderfully written, Festivals are become the cause to harm the environment. Also, one must try to grasp divine virtues as mentioned then only festivals have some meaning.