Food Trail @ Minara Mazid- By Prakash Kundu

Food Trail @ Minara Mazid- By Prakash Kundu

“Ramazaan” the auspicious ninth month of  Islamic calendar also keeps the Mumbai gourmets on cloud nine. Mohammed Ali Road – Minara Masjid Lane where the street foods keeps the taste buds tantalized even by the mere imagination. The place where the followers of RAM and watchers of AZAAN shows up solidity in most unique way and that is food. The crawling crowd on the street concourse putting even  Mumbai locals to shame but definitely with spirited mood.


@Mohammad Ali Road. Various types of seekh Kababs

As you start drifting in lane with the crowd the ubiquitous aroma of excellent food mixed with fragrance of sweets stimulates the lust for various non-vegetarian foods. The lust gravitates one to make its path toward various stalls. Marinated ready to be grilled chicken tandoori, evenly grilled‘Kheeri Kaleji’ and the ‘Seekh Kebabs’ , continuously tossed and turned gurda fries ,keemas’ and bheja fries on big iron tawas, chicken lolly pops priced as low as Rs. 15 can be the good starter to pop-up  followed by the Paya soup kept in  big pots and ready to serve.


Nalli Nahari, Mughlai Mutton and a variety of Biryanis are the Main courses to munch. The nallis and mutton bones also acts as a stress buster , the more you are stressed harder you crack the bones with your bare teeth to relieve yourself.


Nalli Nihari @ Mohhamad Ali Road

Ramzaan special ‘Maalpua, Firnis, sweet egg omelets, Halwas and special badami flavoured Milk shakes are the sweet teeth delights.

It is advisable to keep ones tummy empty on the planned day of visiting this food’s heaven to devour like demons, next day you will be bound to go without food with pleasure.


Finally ! A fantabulous place for foodies where you can eat meat without selling your own kidney…….