“Exotic Sea Food” posted by Master Navpreet from Mumbai

“Exotic Sea Food” posted by Master Navpreet from Mumbai

Exotic Seafood
@ Mahesh Lunch Home

Sea food is the world’s most delicious and exotic food, when mixed up with some extraordinary Indian coastal spices, it just gives the food a punch. Whenever we go out with family I and my father would always choose (goan style ) sea food .Recently we went to Mumbai’s oldest and the most famous sea food restaurant “Mahesh Lunch Home” in sakinaka (Andheri E).My father had already visited the restraunt 2 years back but that was in Pune and he was very particular to recommend that restaurant. We ordered some tandoori surmai (name of the fish), chicken sukka, chicken malai tikka, surmai curry and we ended up with my favorite caramel custard. Our main focus was to celebrate my sister’s graduation who stays in New jersey(America).
We were the early birds as we reached the restraunt at eight o’clock, so we utilized this time to interact with the waiters. The ambiance of the restraunt was very good and all the waiters were ready to receive the customers. They were nicely decked up and were very attentive, they really cared about the us . We ordered our food after a lot of discussion. First came the Chicken malai tikka, it was very well marinated. The pieces were tender and the chicken pieces bite sizes were perfect for the plate however it was out of the manglorean cuisine. Then came the protagonist of the order the “tandoori surmai”, it was really a great stuff, the dark red color chili paste added to the visual feast to the eye. It was so yum that we forgot all table manners for a while and polished our plates. The surmai fish left a very tangy ,savory sort of flavor in our mouth which was cleaned by the holy chicken sukka, OH! Its coconutty flavor just tossed our mind. The southern spices were very well immersed into the chicken which had a great combination with the uppam, it was just like the combination of Amitabh Bachan and Shashi Kapoor. After a couple of minutes the majestic surmai curry came which was much awaited by all of us. It had a very tamarindy and tangy flavor which went well with the uppam, neer dosa and steamed rice, the food was not at all oily and no extra spices. We ended up with the caramel custard which was very creamy and it was not too sweet also, it was a very lite sweet dish after a very simple, flavorsome and spicy meal.
Manglorean cuisine is well known for their distinct flavors and are quit spicy. This cuisine is largely influenced by the south Indian cuisine, with several cuisines being unique to the diverse communities of the region coconut and curry leaves are powerful ingredients to most manglorean curry. Rice and fish is the staple food of the mangloreans. Other than coconut and curry leaves, ginger, garlic and chili are also used. However we have a couple of observations which are as under:
@ The overall sitting layout of the restraunt needs reconsideration as the navigation is quite complicated and doesn’t provide smooth navigation to the visitors.
@ The bar should not be in front of the entrance as it is a family restraunt.
@For the visitors who do not indulge in drinks after placing he order the precede wait time is very high hence we recommend that somenibblings/munches should be offered to them to reduce precede wait time.
@After the financial protocol is over the floor manager should ensure that he sees the guest of in a decent way because in there is an invitation hidden in every good time.
We strongly recommend sea food lovers to have a great coastal experience @ Mahesh Lunch Home.

Exotic Sea Food

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  • Bindi

    Great.. Sea food is one of my favourites & I really enjoy.. Recently in Udaipur we tried Basa fish at hotel Trident.. Which was tasty, well cooked & boneless.. If u get chance just try..

  • Navpreet I know u r crazy 4 seafood keep doing more reasearches

  • Dr.Bhupinder kaur. Ex-Sr.Food Technologist, Punjab Agricultural University,Ludhiana(PUNJAB)

    hi,noni ji ; the information provided by u is professional ,even the well educated can’t write these observations wt u observed.I lv it & feeling to gulp everything u narrated about the seafood.Wish u all the best for giving latest information; with love—-ur bhupy Nania.

  • Rajinder Singh

    These comments are really juicy…. will surely visit the resturant