Encounter with Alphonso Mangoes at Dubey Farm

Encounter with Alphonso Mangoes at Dubey Farm

It was a great opportunity for me for a digital detox from gadgets and devices when I accepted an invitation from one my close well-wisher to visit Dubey Family in Palghar, who owns a Mango orchard and grow organic mangoes…  We left Mumbai on Sunday … and as we were going away from Mumbai – a different type of freedom I was soaking in…..

Pony Carriage transporting Mangoes

Palghar was a lovely Place having its own rhythm.. its own pace…I crossed   ,  rain fed.. Surya rivers.. But still it was having water …having come down from mountains. I was just imagining. How the water of mountains is always in hurry .. to come to the bottom like a white rabbit .. Tumbling over itself in its own anxiety to reach to the bottom of the hill. .. I could also see a bullock cart whose wheels were producing a unique creaking sound over rough country road.


Chaptis on Chullah

After ages I came across a pony driven carriage carrying Mango yield from the farm to be sold for local consumption. The clip-clock sound of the pony cart and the tinkle of its bells- the singsong call of its driver- is still… haunting me… The heavy silver ankle bells on the feet of sturdy tribal women is still… making its presence felt. The sound of the birds of Mumbai.. and birds in the small hilly town was different… The flowers were falling down from forest trees with a sound of flop… was really touching to my soul and I could actually touch the sound… with amazing feeling… I could hear many other sounds in that silence which were travelling from a distance- perhaps walking on the wings of the winds-

Alphonso Mango Orchard

The genuine love and affection showered by Dubey families was full of bliss … and gave a feeling of wanting…they explained very proudly about how they keep their mango trees… with so much of love n care.. WE tasted Alphonso and Kesar variety of mangoes .. which tasted like just sugar.. it was really sweet and the aroma was really a nazal cleaner .. Filled my lungs with lovely aroma.. of mangoes.

Later we visited the mango farm and we had Chapti cooked on Chullha and brinjal  sabzi… It was just awesome divine food full of simplicity … presented to us with love …On the way back I was just feeling how we all are connected to each other.. how love is the only glue available to human to

  • Mahaveer Prajapati

    Sounds like it was a refreshing and memorable experience…

  • Nonnie Hans

    An excellent piece of writing on an experience which today’s world hardly discusses…