Emotional Adulthood- Awareness is Enough -Sunita Wadhwani

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Emotional Adulthood- Awareness is Enough -Sunita Wadhwani

Tasty TalesEmotional Adulthood- Awareness is Enough


We all have emotions and we do go thru the roller coaster of emotions in our life. Emotions do make us different from animals as the consciousness level of humans is much higher than the animals. When we do not understand our relationship with our emotions, we tend to drift away from the path of our interpersonal relationships with others, resulting into many spoiled relationships and we tend to create unhappiness around us.

As we grow physically, we do get matured emotionally too, but many a times we are not aware of our own emotions. Hence we fail to deal with them when we encounter them. For example when something is not happening according to us and we accept it become tolerance or if it is not happening to me as per my wish, the same feeling may convert into anger. Same way, if I am uncertain about any situation or going thru doubt, my internal feelings may convert into fear. On the other hand when somebody is tracking in the Himalayas or rafting in ferocious river then the same fear gets converted or known as adventure, then we don’t call it fear ,we call it adventure. This happens because we have accepted the feeling of fear hence it gets converted to adventure, which is full of excitement and we remember for whole of our life as a beautiful experience.

Hence as we grow physically but do not grow our emotional intelligence then we miss our point of achieving emotional adulthood. Therefore it is important to be in the company of wise people and learn from them and grow our emotional adulthood to make our life happy and healthy interpersonal relations with other fellow beings

  • Sanjana Paul

    Well explained. We all go through the transition of one emotion to the other.understanding of these emotions comes much later. Lovely write up

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    i do agree Sunita ji…. we really need to grow in our emotional adulthood … this will certainly enable us to deal with our own emotions and our responses towards others.