Eid Celebration- Abbas Akhtar

Eid Celebration- Abbas Akhtar

After one month long fasting during the month of Ramadan, the sight of  moon crescent last night, announced the Eid, the festival, every Muslim waits and prepare for with loads of excitement.

Though last minute preparations made us go to bed very late, we still woke up this morning ahead of the alarm. As men in the family got ready for the 08:45 AM Eid prayers, my wife headed for the kitchen to prepare the delicacies, including the iconic Sheer Quorma.

When I was young, my grandmother herself used to prepare Sheer Quorma, which were very famous among the family and friends. After her death, my mother never prepared  it, perhaps that would be reminding her of her mother. She instead used to prepare Sewain Zarda. What a taste that used to be. After her death three years ago my wife followed my mother’s tradition.

This year, my son insisted that she prepares Sheer Quorma, therefore each one of us were quite excited about.


By 10:30 AM we were out of the mosque and back home. The aroma of biryani,  Dahi Vada and Sheer Quorma welcomed us.


Biryani has always been my favorite, something I can sustain myself with all my life, though age doesn’t allow me that luxury anymore.


After the brief prayers at home, we were ready to host some friends over lunch, hoping that lunch will start soon and we will hit the Sheer Quorma.


Finally, the moment of deja vu. With first spoon I traveled back 30 years, to that morning in Lucknow, when my grand mother had laid her last Sheer Quorma for us.

Eid is not a celebration without friends. Its evening now and friends have started arriving. Its going to be late but who cares. With friends and family by my side I am loving every moment of Eid.

Eid Mubarak!

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    Dear Abbas… thanks for sharing your happiness….to me any celebration is a mix of going with in and having pause… connecting or re-connecting with your loved ones..exploring joy …and sparkling laughter…. appreciating the absolute magic of being alive.. blessing others and receiving one’s own blessings……would love you to be here on Tasty Tales on regular basis….

  • Sanjana Paul

    Dear Mr Abbas! You have

  • Sanjana Paul

    Dear Mr. Abbas , you have so beautifully made us part of ur lovely celebrations. To me it felt like I was there. Thank u so much . Took me to my own nostalgic trip. U brought a smile on my face for sure. Wish u and ur family a very happy and joyous Eid. Wishes all the way

    • Bhupinder Kumar

      lovely spirit….