Pan-Asian Cuisine

10 August, 2014

Vietnamese Cuisine.. Pho Soup

Vietnamese food, the good stuff, is often very spicy Vietnamese food can take more time to prepare. some examples of long prepared meals are bo kho, […]
4 August, 2014
Som Tam

Thai Cuisine

Thai does use lots of the same ingredients as the Chinese, particularly oyster sauce (which is NOT the same as soy sauce) Thai, cuisines also rely heavily […]
29 July, 2014

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese udon ( A thick Noodle soup ) does not taste anything like Chinese or even the Vietnamese pho. Miso soup (Japanese) is practically a bowl […]
24 April, 2014

Busaba..A Taste of the Far East -Mumbai-Colaba ( Keep Looking for 8 New Posts )

As Balraj ( My Friend) told me about his experience @ Busaba.. My taste Buds…tossed up and down.. my mind was just flooded with so many […]