21 May, 2017

Mangolicious Tart- Saswati Hota

A perfect no bake, no cook, egg less, mangolicious tart with as light as air mango coconut mousse in a coconut flavored biscuit crust …a delicious […]
20 May, 2017

Afgani Chicken – Jolly Bisoyi

Chicken Afghani…. Today tried this delicious delicacy of #Afghanicusine… The taste is totally different, and it is also too easy to make… Ingredients: 1. Chicken – […]
18 May, 2017

Posta Bara(Poppy Seeds Bada)- Jolly Bisoyi

Posta Bara(Poppy seeds bada) A typical Odia recipe, mostly eaten with pakala(rice,water,curd,lemon and salt mixed in bowl)… To beat the heat Ingredients 1cup poppy seeds(soaked for […]
18 May, 2017

Tampa- By Jolly Bisoyi

Tampa…. A sweet delicacy of South Odisha Ingredients 1cup atta 4 tbl spoon ghee Jaggery as for your taste 1/4 cup milk 2 tbl spoon grated […]