2 June, 2017

Chicken Chop- Jolly

Chicken Chaap Chicken chaap  is a Bengali Mughlai dish…you may say Royal chicken dish that is cooked with Indian spices and aromatics… It is an automatically […]
2 June, 2017

Sheppard’s Pie – Yasmin

Sheppard’s Pie 750 g meat mince /keema 6 medium size potatoes boil and mashed 1 cup boil carrots ,corns and green peas 1 cup cheese greated […]
2 June, 2017

Chakuli Dhania(Coriander)Chutney- Jolly …

#Odiacuisine#odiapitha #odiafood#odiafoodie #breakfast Muga(#Moongdal) Chakuli Dhania(Coriander)Chutney Ingredients:_ Skinned Moongdal  1/2 kg Four medium sized green chilies A piece (medium size) Half cup of grated coconut Half […]
1 June, 2017

Arabic Dessert- Yasmin

Arabic  Dessert ,so delicious and yummy Recipe 5 cup milk 1 tbs China grass powder 3 tbs sugar 1 tbs rose syrup 1/2 cup milk powder […]