1 June, 2017

Arabic Dessert- Yasmin

Arabic  Dessert ,so delicious and yummy Recipe 5 cup milk 1 tbs China grass powder 3 tbs sugar 1 tbs rose syrup 1/2 cup milk powder […]
31 May, 2017

Floral Chocolate cake- Shewta Shah

Floral Chocolate cake- Shewta Shah Recipe Maida -220 gr Cocoa powder -100 gr Baking Soda – 1 tspn Baking powder – 1tspn Butter – 240 gr […]
21 May, 2017

Mangolicious Tart- Saswati Hota

A perfect no bake, no cook, egg less, mangolicious tart with as light as air mango coconut mousse in a coconut flavored biscuit crust …a delicious […]
1 November, 2014
Baked Gujiya/Karanji

Baked Karanji/Gujiya by Rajashree from Mumbai BPCL

Gujias in Hindi ,Kranji in Marathi ,are fried pastries filled with coconut or khoya (thickened solidified milk) and dry fruits. Gujias are called Pedakiya in Bihar. […]