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2 August, 2014

Awdhi Cuisine

Awadhi cuisine hails from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Lucknow is also the capital city of the North Indian State, Uttar Pradesh. Most of the dishes […]
2 August, 2014

Kashmir Cuisine – Wazwan

Though I am Delhi Bread and always used to think and feel that Punjabi non-veg. food is the tastiest. As I grew up and started travelling […]
28 May, 2014

Litte and Choukha @Patna

I happened to click this video @ Patna… Its really the most famous street Delicacy… I loved it
24 April, 2014

Busaba..A Taste of the Far East -Mumbai-Colaba ( Keep Looking for 8 New Posts )

As Balraj ( My Friend) told me about his experience @ Busaba.. My taste Buds…tossed up and down.. my mind was just flooded with so many […]