Chole ( Chickpeas) Pattice posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbaiiiii

Chole ( Chickpeas) Pattice posted by Bindi Sachdev from Mumbaiiiii

Hello friends,
Today I m going to share combo recipe of Chole ( Chick Peas ) & Aloo tikki ( Potato Pattice ).. It is a combination of 2 recipes. Very simple to make & can be eaten in any main meal that either in lunch or dinner with Roti, Kulcha, Naan,Paratha, or with Bature.
You can serve this combination as snacks in the evening also.

A bowl of Chole, 6/ 7 methi seeds, 3 big Onions, 3 big Tomatos, sabut Garam Masalas( big elachi, tej Patta, cardamon, clove (laung), 2 /3 black pepper seeds ( kala Miri), Cinnamon, 1 big tablespoon of ginger, garlic, green chilli paste, Green corriander leaves, Everest Chole Masala, Hing, Half teaspoon Jeera, Ghee, Pinch of Soda ( which we usually put in Pakkora ), Salt, Red chilli powder, haldi, & dhaniya powder, and little piece of Gur (Jaggery).

Procedure to make Chole (chickpeas).
Take Chole wash them properly & then Soak them for 6 to 7 hrs.. While soaking u can add 6 to 7 methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds) in Chole.
Then boil them in Pressure Cooker with the same soaked water, add little salt & pinch of soda. This help Chole to cook properly.
Cut onions into small pieces and make purée of Tomatos.
Take a Pan add ghee into it, let it get hot then put hing & jeera, sabut garam masala, then put chopped onions into it. Sauté for sometime till they become little pinkish brown. Then add ginger, garlic & green chilli paste.. sauté again for some time. When u start getting the nice smell of onion, garam masalas & paste then add tomato purée.. saute for few more mins. Add all the dry masalas like haldi, red chilli powder, salt, dhaniya powder according to your taste, again sauté for few mins till u get nice aroma of all these ingredient. You will see colour change of all these ingredients & ghee coming up & nice aroma of all masalas, then put 1 big table spoon of Everest Chole Masala, Gur And again sauté for few mins. It will give a nice khatta, Mitha & little theeka flavour of gravy… Then add water in the pan to make gravy & then keep the lid on the top to cook it for at-least 15 to 20 mins. … Once the gravy is cooked let it become little cool then grind the gravy so the it becomes smooth paste type gravy.
Meanwhile your Choles must be cooked & boiled properly. When the gravy is ready, pour that on the boil Chole stir them so that they get mixed properly. If you feel masalas are less then you can add.. Then again put it on gas & keep a lid & let them boil for few more mins. After 10 mins your Chole are ready to eat… Then remove & garnish it with fresh green coriander leaves & serve it.

Ingredients for Pattice (Aloo tikki).
4 / 5 big Potatos, 6 slices of bread soaked in water & water drained completely, ginger garlic green chilli paste, fresh green corriander leaves finely chopped, salt, chaat masala, 1 teaspoon home made powdered garam masala. Oil for frying.. If you don’t have bread then you can add Poha or corn flour or bread crumbs for binding the tikkis.

Procedure for making Aloo Tikki.
Boil Potatoes, after boiling remove the skin & mash the Potatos into fine smooth batter add bread, ginger garlic & green chilli paste, red chilli powder, chaat masala, green coriander leaves, salt according to your taste.. mix all these ingredients so that everything gets mixed up properly & u don’t find any lumps in that.
Then take little aloo batter on your palm & make small rounds flatten them little or u can make any other shape.
Take a frying pan, add oil into, when the oil becomes hot put 1 aloo tikki.. Just check that it is not breaking from sides. If it does then add few more slices of bread.. fry it on medium flame till the colour becomes little golden.
If u don’t want to deep fry then u can shallow fry it also.
Your Aloo Pattice are ready..
You can serve it with green chutney & sauce.

We can make a combination of Chole Pattice also.. By placing a Pattice first in the bowl then add Chole on the top, then put sweet chutney & green coriandercholey pattice leaves chutney, garnish it with some finely chopped onion, kotmir, & some bikanari sev.. You can eat this combination with bread..

So my friends I m sure you will love to try this dish..

  • Bawa

    It’s a good post. However I have some points to make. Choly and tikis are prepared without the use of turmeric

    • Bindi

      Thank you Bawa for your comment.. Ya many don’t put turmeric into Chole while preparing.. But some put small tea bags while boiling to change the colour of Chole..
      I haven’t used turmeric in my tikkis..

  • Bawa

    However the colour of the aloo tiki looks great

  • Bindi

    Thank you..

  • mona

    Thanks for posting this recipe I will surely follow this recipe next time I cook chhole the colour and texture of tikkis is grt it is lukng very temptng.

    • thanks… how ever feel free to tell us what you would like us to post more secondly if you share the same taste feel free to be our guest authoress

    • mona

      U hv also posted recipe of sindhi mutton can u pls post recipe of sindhi kadi so that I can cook it for kids evn I enjy eatng but not knwng the recipe as I usually get ready to eat frm my sindhi frnds

  • This dish is one of y favourite.. thnx.

    But I need a clarification… I have heard these legumes have certain enzymes.. which can adversely affect some people… hence have to be soaked so that the effect of those.. soluble/insoluble enzymes are reduced. Here you are suggesting to use the same water to boil chhole… or the kabuli chana… chick pea. By using the same water ..whatever unwanted element that has got released …. is going back in our body.. b’coz i never use that water… always use fresh water for boiling…

  • Mona

    Thanks for posting this recipe I will surely follow this recipe next time I cook Chole .the colour and texture of tikkis is grt it is luking very tempting

  • Bindi

    Thanks for your comment Suman.. Yes usually we don’t use the same water in which we soak legumes.. But i usually dont change the water but if you are using fresh water then it is ok..

  • 🙂 . okk… thnx Bindi.. I had in fact heard.. many people use the same water to boil the legumes..and have heard that it enhances the taste… but people suffering from issues like arthritis or gastric problems… should avoid this technique.. in fact.. they should eat very less of legumes. 😀 . Poor them..

  • kirti

    chole can be eaten for lunch as it will be digested during the day very nice recipe will surely try

    • Bindi

      Yes it is better to eat Chole during day time.. But if you are making Chole during evening or night as I have mentioned soak methi seeds along with Chole.

  • Bindi

    Thanks Mona.. I will surely post recipe of Sindhi Kadi very soon… And the next time when you make, send it to your Sindhi friends for tasting..

  • Do post some quick churning… fast food dishes… which have some nutritious value…which I can make in a giffy for my children.

    • Ok will do. My wife is too good at that. She will post soon