Cashew-orange chicken salad- Sanjana Desai- Ahmedabad

Cashew-orange chicken salad- Sanjana Desai- Ahmedabad

Ingds:- Orange juice :

1 cup Boneless chicken 250 GMs ( boiled and cut into cubes) Boiled veggies: carrots, French beans, broccoli ( any other of your choice)

Roasted cashews-2/3 rd cup

DRESSING: Olive oil- 1/2 cup

Orange rind grated- 2 tbsp a Chopped cilantro -1/4th cup

Red wine vinegar-1 tbsp

Dijon mustard-2tsps Sugar- 1/2 tsp ( I prefer honey) Salt and pepper to tasteChicken Salad

Method:- In a small pan boil orange juice till it reduces to half. Set aside to cool. In a medium size bowl combine the dressing ingds along with reduced orange juice Combine boiled chicken,veggies and cashews in a salad bowl. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss well. Garnish with chopped cilantro and chill the salad in the fridge *** This salad has a refreshing taste which is very soothing on the palate and the flavours linger long after.

  • Rathindranath Mukherjee

    Beautiful taste , a change from the humdrum daily recipes … very healthy and should please
    palates of all foodie Indians , congratulations Sanjana for your recipe “Cashew-orange chicken salad “

    • Sanjana Paul

      Thanks a lot Rathin.

  • Harmohan kapany

    A whole meal in itself. Even great for lunch boxes. Will definitely try. Thanks

    • Sanjana Paul

      Ya Harmohan. A multi grain toast with it would be a complete meal. Do try and let me know

  • Rachna

    I’m drooling….. Slurp slurp

    • Sanjana Paul

      He he! Thanks