Busaba..A Taste of the Far East -Mumbai-Colaba ( Keep Looking for 8 New Posts )

Busaba..A Taste of the Far East -Mumbai-Colaba ( Keep Looking for 8 New Posts )

As Balraj ( My Friend) told me about his experience @ Busaba.. My taste Buds…tossed up and down.. my mind was just flooded with so many thoughts .. as many people shared their experiences about this fine dine Restaurant as a Chinese restaurant.. … I was sure that we perhaps have mixed up the whole South East  Asian Food as Chinese or the Chines food as South East Asian Food… So picked up my IPAD and decided to break this myth and inform all my followers  who love to try out different cuisines..

BUSABA is a great place to dine… Vietnamese Rice Pan Cakes,Chicken flavoured with lemon grass and ginger ,CAMBODIAN CURRY , pla Neung Manao, a fish strew ,aromatic with Dill,Okra in a Sambal Sauce ,Slices of Duck pan fried with scallops,Iced cucumber Caribbean Coolers limeade ….These are just some of the flavours of the far east that Busaba brings to the Mumbai City….

Its a place which takes you to a gastronomical tour that starts with Thailand ,and takes us throughImageImage Vietnam,Korea,Japan,Indonesia,Burma ..Busaba has tried to reflect the cultural and culinary diversity of the region with great intelligence.. and passion …..

I and Balraj have decided to visit the restaurant in the next week and check for ourselves…   before we throw a dinner to our Dear friends ..on Wed. i.e. 30th Evening…

I also took it as a challenge to share whatever knowledge I have about South East Asian Cuisine. to my readers and friends ..

In the Next.. Blog… will take up 1. Thailand ,Vietnam,Korea,Malaysia,Japan,Hong Kong,Indonesia and Philippines…flavours  …I am sure our visit to the restaurant will establish a clear difference between Chinese cuisine and South Asian Cuisine..  

  • all our recipes are authentic and our learnt from chefs from vietnam, thailand, burma korea and france. we will give you the best service in a beautiful setting. the PDR (private dining room) will be exclusive and personalized. let me know if you are confirming the booking and i will make a nice menu for you. thanks. nikhil chib + 91 98200 62845

    • thanks Nikhil….Hope you will allow me to click some lovely pictures so that I can post them along with my blog …..I have already received many requests from my followers to talk on South East Asian food

  • Navjeet

    BHupinder if you are talking high about Busaba I am sure this would be a great experience . However before I go to Busaba. I would love to read your write up on THai food

  • Poornima Mittal

    I am eagerly waiting for party that unfortunately could not happen on 30 april… I look forward to the gastronomical indulgence to understand the culinary differences betn burmese vietnemese korean delights as rightly pointed out by Nikhil !! Date bataao jaldi kab aaana hai….