14 August, 2017

Wandering in Ladhakh – Vivek Mehra

Ladakh In my opinion there are in general four kinds of tourists. First ones are who are happy visiting cities, be it historic or full of […]
10 August, 2017

Paneer Firni- Parul Shah Ahmedabad

Today I made firni but dis time I did twist & made panner firni which is also healthy version.ūüíö Paneer contains more calcium protine & many [‚Ķ]
8 August, 2017

Spiritual Quotient РDisciple’s Musing by Bhupinder Kumar 

What is spirituality? What is religion? Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What is success? And so on.. […]
30 July, 2017

Are we Emotionally Intelligent Enough? -Bhupinder Kumar

We  our  constantly being afflicted by , our emotions ( at times we call them personal issues) . They even colour our thought process and become very […]