1 November, 2014
Baked Gujiya/Karanji

Baked Karanji/Gujiya by Rajashree from Mumbai BPCL

Gujias in Hindi ,Kranji in Marathi ,are fried pastries filled with coconut or khoya (thickened solidified milk) and dry fruits. Gujias are called Pedakiya in Bihar. […]
30 October, 2014

Nachani Ladoo by Rajshree from Mumbai—-BPCL

Of the five senses involved in eating, taste is the most important.  It is our most direct, embodied encounter with food; it affords pleasure and disgust; […]
18 August, 2014

How to make Mango Kheer in 20 Minutes Contributed by Gaurav Hans

Preparation time:  20 min. Cooking time          : 15 min. Serving Size            : 5 Equipment            : 1 mixing bowl, Mixer Grinder, Knife, 2 plates, serving platter , […]
15 August, 2014

How tasty our tongue is ? check it out…

Lot of people asked me many times , why some people have better sense of taste or how the taste sense functions in human biology. Just […]