2 December, 2016

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25 November, 2016
Jhinga Konkani Masala

Jhinga Konkani Masala – Seme Nadvi

by Seme Nadvi Preparation Time: 25-30 Minutes Cooking Time: 10 to 15 Minutes Serving Size: 02 Equipment: 1 Non stick Pan, Mixing bowl, Mixing Grinder, Chopping […]
8 August, 2015

Radisson Blu Lucerne -Calling Honeymooners

To me it was indeed a great moment, when Markus ( General Manager Radisson Blue Switzerland) approached me at a bar Counter in one of the […]
12 February, 2015

Apple Snicker Dessert Trifle -By Nisha -Mumbai….

  Preparation Time : 10 Mins Total Time : 10 Mins Ingredients Green Apples : 5 to 7 Snickers Bar : 6 Fresh Cream Icing Sugar […]