26 May, 2017

Rasgulla- Parul Shah

Rasgulla 1 lt cow milk 2 TBS lemon juice Sugar 1&1/2 cup Water 4 cup Saffron pinch Cardamom powder 1/2 ts Take one pain boil milk […]
21 May, 2017

Spinach Chilla- Parul Shah.

Spinach oats veg chilla & uttapam wid salsa🌶️🥗 Ingredients: 1 cup oats 6/7 palak leaves 1 & 1/2 buttermilk Green chili 2 Black papper 1ts Salt […]
21 May, 2017

Mangolicious Tart- Saswati Hota

A perfect no bake, no cook, egg less, mangolicious tart with as light as air mango coconut mousse in a coconut flavored biscuit crust …a delicious […]
20 May, 2017

Afgani Chicken – Jolly Bisoyi

Chicken Afghani…. Today tried this delicious delicacy of #Afghanicusine… The taste is totally different, and it is also too easy to make… Ingredients: 1. Chicken – […]