Lall Mass- Rajasthani Delicacy – Rachana Nagrani

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Lall Mass- Rajasthani Delicacy – Rachana Nagrani

“Laal Maas” is a very popular non veg dish of the princely state Rajasthan. It is a fiery meat curry. The meat that was caught during hunts was cooked in red chilies and whole spices and was simmered in huge handis  together. The meat was then served to the king in beautiful brassware. The deep red colour and the spicy character comes from a special chilli called “Mathania red chilli” which comes from Mathania , Jodhpur.

It never uses tomatoes, instead uses butter milk or curd for the acidity in the curry. It has a redolent flavour of cloves and garlic, and is made in desi ghee. It is very delicately smoked with charcoal. Here is the recipe of Laal Maas
Mutton 500gms
Ghee – 100ml
Cloves – 10 No’s
Sliced onions – 2cups
Ginger garlic paste – 6 tbsp
Mathania red chilli paste – 4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Curd – 1/2 cup
Charcoal -1 small piece
Heat ghee in handi, add cloves , once it crackles add the sliced onions. Cook till onions are brown. Once it browns add the mutton and bhunno for 10minutes. Mutton will leave its own juices. Now add the ginger garlic paste and bhunno for 10 more minutes. Add salt and Mathania red chilli paste and cook uncovered for few minutes. Now increase the flame , add whisked yogurt. Keep stirring till the yogurt cones to boil.
Now simmer and cook till mutton is done. Add little water if required. When the mutton is done turn off the stove. Now place a live charcoal in the cup and place the cup in the center of mutton curry. Add a tbsp of ghee and immediately cove with a lid and allow the smoke to infuse with the Laal Maas for 5 minutes. Remove the charcoal and heat once again and serve hot with your choice of breads.

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    i really love this Dish…purely mesculine…

    • Rachna

      Yes its fiery meat curry n its not for the faint gutted. It tastes best with bajre Ki roti.