“Dahi Machha Besara” Odia Dish – Saudamini Jagtay

“Dahi Machha Besara” Odia Dish – Saudamini Jagtay

“Dahi Machha Besara”

“Dahi machha besara”…fish with yogurt and mustard paste….

1 Machha- (Ilishi, rohu or Katla fish) Marinate the fish with salt, turmeric and red chilli powder..rub and keep aside fot 15 minutes.

2 Besara – Make a fine paste with mustard 3 tsp, cumin 1 tsp and garlic 10 cloves…

3. Dahi – Take 1 and 1/2 cup yogurt..mix together with mustard paste…keep aside.
In a pan heat mustard oil..add panch phutan..
when the seeds start crackle, add green chilli and curry leaves..saute for 1 minute ..then low the flame and add yogurt mustard paste mixture to the pan..while stirring continuously.

4. Cook till the oil separates..then add water to it..let it boil..then add the fish gently..cover the lid for 10 minutes ..After that uncover the lid..flip the fish..cook till the gravy becomes thik..adjust salt and colour of the gravy…add slit green chilli and few drops of mustard oil..After 2 minutes switch off the stove…
Your “Dahi machha besara” is ready…😊😊

  • Bhupinder Kumar

    the colour and the presentation is really superbbbbbb… looking for more posts from you…